No offensive

content.  Let's keep this a positive and solution oriented environment.  Please be nice.  Your account will be deleted if problems with attitude, content and/or lack of respect towards others is noticed or reported. 


There is a forum for venting, please use that space to vent and get it all out with others who also need to vent.  That is the safest place to express your stress, but again, no offensive content or words.  No political blame games. Treat others how you want to be treated.


No spreading of any copyrighted material.  To clarify a copyright belongs to the original artist, designer, creator, conceptual artist, author, photographer, choreographer.  You must ask the original artist permission to use their copyright in your own work or other uses unless they have made available through a paid licensing arrangement.  


No spamming or advertising with large monetary gain.  The purpose of this space is to collaborate, share, exchange helpful information, advise, links, sources, ideas, updates in your fields, solutions, community related information, positive words of encouragement, finding similar situated people, personal growth, trade of service opportunities, jobs and/or online entertainment or talents.  


This is a free, open to the public online community.  If you sign up to become a member please know that we do not check the credentials of every professional.  Please be sure to check the credentials of the people who are offering advice before following their health related advice.  


Please try to do a search for certain topics before you open another topic for conversation.  You never know the topic may already be posted and would help guide your response or thoughts about the subject.  

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