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Artists Navigating Uncertain Times

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A straightforward list of online tools, resources and interesting research articles for creative entrepreneurs trying to navigate these troubling times. Do you have some helpful links for the artist community? Please share your favorites in the labeled forum conversation.

Here's a list of resources for artists and art entrepreneurs who might need some help in these uncertain times. This list will continue to be updated or you can find additional links shared in the forum for conversations web space.

Houston Arts Alliance:


Online Help Desk available

COVID-19 Resources : A long list of resources available.

"Houston Arts Alliance is part of a collective of arts service organizations that have agreed to promote one, straightforward COVID-19 damage assessment form—one for organizations(rolling deadline) and one for artists (deadline Mar 31). By doing so, we are not only unifying as a field, we are reducing the number of requests you’ll get and ensuring more and better quality data for future advocacy for our needs. Please fill out the form for yourself and your arts business now—and stay tuned, as we may need to update them as damage and losses grow."

Mid-America Arts Alliance (MAAA) region

(Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas)

MAAA: COVID-19 Damage Assessment Survey for Organizations

MAAA: COVID-19 Damage Assessment Survey for Local Artists

Resources for Covid-19 Pandemic https://www.maaa.org/resources-for-public-health/

Fresh Arts Organization

List of Resources for Artists


Some Resources For Artists

Juxtapoz (Online) Magazine

Art In Uncertain Times Online Article Series

Artwork Archive

Meditations to Ease the Artist Mind

The Art Gorgeous

How To Make $$$ When Work Has Been Cancelled

Artists Thrive

Covid-19 Resources, Tools, and Opportunities

The Art Newspaper


Harvard Business Review

That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief

Sciencedirect - 3 Peer Reviewed Research Articles

Debunking Rumors on Social Media: The Use of Denials

Building resilience against biological hazards and pandemics: COVID-19 and its implications for the Sendai Framework

Crisis communication, learning and responding: Best practices in social media

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