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Updated: Mar 26, 2020


We are an artist-led group based in Houston, Texas. We produce the Houston Urban Experience (HUE) Biennial Mural Festival. Although our next festival is not until 2021, we put our heads together to create Co. Courage HUE, an online community that is accessible to artists in Houston, Texas, the United States, and abroad.

These times are unprecedented with the current Coronavirus 2019 situation. We felt called to create Co. Courage community website to consolidate the hundreds of informative links, tools, research, conversations and other valuable resources landing in our inboxes. We bundled some of our favorite resources into this online collaborative content sharing forum and blog. The conversation space is free and open to everyone with hopes to inspire courage, and a sense of greater online community.

Key to collaboration is the act of releasing a level of control; we look forward to watching the blog and forum grow with the freedom that everyone has to direct the topics for discussion. We are genuinely interested in you, your backgrounds, and communities. We hope to ask you...What are your latest updates? What's important to you and your community? What is most needed? Are there ways to engage with you through online workshops, performances, and exchanges? What you doing while in social distance mode? What are your major challenges?

We are doing our part by practicing social distancing, especially for our elders. The younger generations are especially being asked to practice social distancing - it's a matter of life and death. Let's keep doing our part and get through this together.

We accept these days will be challenging and we already know our strategy - think ahead. Use this time to find some small benefits. We are working on projects that desperately needed the quiet time.

In addition to being visual artists, we are community members who care. We care about the Houston community and the communities of all fellow artists abroad.

This site is still in the works, but we hope this forum and site become a consolidated hub of help to all out there. We welcome your feedback as we continue to work on this. Share a topic in the forum that interests you.

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